Our Team

Anna Kozinda

Founder and co-founder of the Women’s Foundation Dobrawa.

Anna Kozinda graduated from the Academy of Management in Minsk. She is a certified coach in training system Vagiton. Her passion for working with women led her to contribute to the Women’s Foundation Dobrawa.

She has lived in Warsaw for 9 years. She chose Polish capital for family life and running a business.

Anna is a woman of success, she is managing the company Top Cosmetics, which is realizes her passion for cosmetics. She has been working for 17 years with women, taking care of their natural look and good feels. She always has been working with women, she understands their biggest problems and passions. She wants to help others through the prism of her own experience. She focuses on promoting entrepreneurship and healthy lifestyles and creativity of women both at the professional and personal level. Repeatedly involved in social actions promoting women, conducted training, free consultation and advice in the field of female medicine.

Anna is a woman who has achieved professional success and now wishes to all business experience for the common idea of ​​the foundation. He believes in the potential and independence of women, and therefore wants to create a business environment partner with entrepreneurial and creative women. He knows that the presence of women in the business is very important.

Regularly practicing kundalini yoga, swimming, dancing and rides on a snowboard. Her passion is books on Osho and iexoteryki.

Elżbieta Piorun-Hannah

Co-founder, founder of the Women’s Foundation Dobrawa.

She studied Marketing and Management at the University of Life Sciences, Organization Management at the University of Warsaw, English Swan Training Institute in Ireland, then began to participate in numerous social initiatives. She gained experience in the administration in the UK working for the Legal Office in London. For many years, she has supported the St. Patrick Foundation and other organizations in Poland.

Currently, she combines housework with raising three children and work. She implements the biggest passion of her life he is designing clothes under the name Ela Piorun.

She co-founded the Women’s Foundation Dobrawa because he knows how important it is mutual support of women, the vital importance of frienship female, how much motivation give mutual support and trust.

Privately, her passion is tennis, cycling, skiing and dancing.

Her priorities are: family values and promoting a balance between work and family life. She appreciates the development of personal, entrepreneurial and artistic actions but only those compatible with their beliefs. She always encourages women to work and popularizing women who have achieved success.

Xenia Tymińska

Co-founder, founder of the Women’s Foundation Dobrawa.

Psychologist, personal development coach and leader at psychosocial skills workshops. The author of courses, development groups for men and women enhancing self-esteem and potential.

She studied psychology at the University of Warsaw and completed postgraduate studies in Human Resources Management at the Social Psychology.

She focuses on helping others in making personal positive changes. Conducts individual coaching sessions, meetings, incentive and development workshops. Co-creator of the project for the women – the first Academy of Feminity Magic Love. Obtained the right to provide professional psychological help and crisis intervention in the PDD Group SA, recommended by the PTP.

She is a member of the Polish Psychological Society. She is a certified consultant and completed professional training organized by Talent Focus Sp. z.o.o authorizing the use of psychometric tools: HPI, MVPI.

Loves activities which increase the potential of femininity, such as shakti dance, kundalini yoga, pilates, also a golf enthusiast.