About us


Women’s Foundation Dobrawa was established with an initiative to (unite) consociate women who are open and creative. Together, we believe in woman’s strength and power, thanks to which we can achieve more! Through promotion of personal development and entrepreneurship, we create a society of women who realize their own ideas. Our aim is motivation, support and creating an active lifestyle.

How do we define our resolutions?

Each one of us has different priorities, needs, desires and dreams. Together, we want to develop them and enjoy the success!

  • We are open for cooperation with others,
  • We want to help women,
  • We value long-term, loyal relationships,
  • We want Dobrawa women to be joined with friendship, understanding and passion,
  • We believe that, through our activities, we will make a positive impact on the environment!

Women’s Foundation Dobrawa is a place for you:

  • if you are looking for energizing meegings among amazing women,
  • if you want to develop and exchange experiences.


We invite you to cooperate as partners, who would like to develop our creative programme of activities supporting womeny.

Join us!